Kent Rowe Elected Co-Chair

From September 27 to October 5th, the 65 current members of the Kansas Green Party were given the opportunity to vote in favor of Kent Rowe being elected as Co-Chair of the Kansas Green Party. At a Kansas Green Party Council Meeting on September 27, Teresa Wilke (Co-Chair), Paul Krumm (Treasurer), Nick Blessing (Secretary), and Kent Rowe (Interim Co-Chair) all voted in favor of officially electing Rowe to the position. An email was sent out to all other members on September 28 to inform them that they could vote to express their support for Rowe’s election. Three additional Kansas Green Party members voted for Rowe via email.

Prior to this voting period, the Kansas Green Party Council was accepting nominations for the Co-Chair positions from Kansas Green Party members during the month of August.

Only two individuals were nominated, but Rowe was the only one who accepted.

Progress within the Kansas Green Party

Things are looking pretty good and I am very optimistic. We now have 54 members in our party. This is a substantial increase from just two months ago when we only had 15 members. We are also engaging with our members to establish local chapters throughout the state. Also, we will soon be announcing our first candidate for 2021 local elections! More details on that soon! We also may have a Green who has a chance of being appointed to the Kansas Corporation Commission! Finally, we are working on an amendment to our bylaws which will bind the Kansas Green Party to certain standard while conducting future presidential primaries. We received some criticism due to the way our 2020 primary was conducted. This will be taken up officially after the November election.

Nick Blessing

Secretary, Kansas Green Party

It ain’t easy being Green

The Kansas Green Party is in a major building/rebuilding phase. This is a difficult process and we are very much in need of people to step up into leadership roles. We are growing and we have good people in leadership, but we are in need of new blood with new ideas. We need folks who are willing to take charge while also having the grace and humility to listen to legitimate concerns and opposing opinions.

It is common practice for folks to get involved and find that there is actual work to do. Subsequently, they drop out. It’s understandable, of course, because people have their own personal lives and other interests. Personally, I originally got involved because I was pissed off at the Democratic Party and I wanted to be able to register as a Green. Turns out, you can’t do that in Kansas because the Green Party is not recognized by the state. It’s been three and a half fucking years and I’m still here and I still can’t register as a Green.

You have to know as you come into this party, that this is not easy. Do not expect it to be.

Nick Blessing

Secretary, Kansas Green Party