Kansas Green Party Update

We are continuing to build this party. We now have 83 official members across the state, two local chapters are forming, and other members are showing interest in forming local chapters. There is still a lot of work to do though.

The big gorilla in the room is ballot access. We are making plans to begin a ballot access drive in April 2021, but it will be necessary to lobby the Kansas Legislature to lower the required signatures and extend the period for collecting them. At the same time, it will be necessary to file a lawsuit against the state in order to lower the required number. This should encourage the Legislature to pass our bill in order to make the lawsuit moot.

We will seek funding from the Green Party of the United States Ballot Access Committee for funding, but we will also need to do our own fundraising to make these efforts possible.

We also need more progressive Kansans to step up to help us build this party. We need to recruit new members, build more local chapters, and recruit members of the various communities across the state to run for office. Still, we are making progress.

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