The Kansas Green Party is completely funded by individual donors (other than rare grants from the Green Party of the United States). We don’t accept donations from corporate PACs. This policy is crucial for us maintaining our political independence and preventing conflicts of interest.

We accept donations by check and through PayPay. Donations made to the Kansas Green Party will be used to fund our basic organizational functions.

After the Kansas Green Party becomes properly registered with state and federal authorities, contributions will also be used to assist federal, state, and local candidates supported by the party. Please provide your name and mailing address for all contributions.

If you make a contribution of $200 or more, please also provide your occupation and employer.

Please make all checks payable to Kansas Green Party, Inc. Please mail your check to the following address:

1313 23rd Road
Kanopolis, Kansas 67454
United States

You can also contribute to the Kansas Green Party by purchasing one of our t-shirts!

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