Elections And Candidates

Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for President and Vice President

The Hawkins/Walker campaign is about building up the Green Party into a major party over the coming elections cycles so that we can enact the real solutions that the Democrats and Republicans will not. We want to put the Green Party in the position of electing thousands of Greens to local offices, state legislatures, and Congress as we move into the 2020s.

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Payne Roby for Augusta City Council

A member of the Kansas Green Party in Augusta, Kansas is running for city council, ward 1. More information on Payne’s campaign will be available soon!

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Future Elections

We are seeking candidates for local elections in 2021, as well as State and Federal races in 2022. It’s not too early to start exploring the possibility of running! Contact us at info@kansasgreenparty.org if you’re thinking about running!

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