Ballot Access

Attaining ballot access is likely the most important thing we can do to grow the Green Party in Kansas. Once we have ballot access, the Kansas Green Party can nominate candidates for ANY PARTISAN OFFICE and registered Kansas voters will be able to register as Greens.

To attain ballot access, we must collect signatures for an Official Party Recognition Petition. The required number of signatures must be collected within 180 days and submitted to the Secretary of State.

Kansas Green Party Petition Drive 2021

We will begin collecting signatures on Earth Day, April 22, 2021 and will continue until October 18, 2021.

Only registered Kansas voters can sign the petition.

Signatures must be collected in person.

Fill out the form linked below to schedule a time to have your signature collected!

We are also looking for volunteers to collect petition signatures. Click below to sign up to circulate the petition!

Please read these instructions before circulating the petition!

  1. Signers must be separated by county. Petition signers from different counties must not sign the same page. Make sure you have extra copies in case people from more than one county agree to sign the petition.
  2. You cannot sign your own petition. If you wish to sign the petition you will need to sign one that is being circulated by someone else.
  3. To circulate the petition you must be 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and otherwise be eligible to vote in your state. You do not need to be a Kansas resident to circulate the petition.
  4. You must get the affidavit page notarized before you turn in your petition pages to us. Please contact us by October 1st if you can’t find a notary.

You can also download the petition and affidavit forms by clicking below!

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