The Kansas Green Party Council

The Kansas Green Party Council coordinates the efforts of the Kansas Green Party. It is accountable to and gets its authority from the members of the Party. The Council’s meetings are open to all members of the Party, but final decisions rest with the delegates from local chapters. The Kansas Green Party Council serves the following functions:

  1. The official voice of the Kansas Green Party and may designate spokespeople.
  2. Sets operating policy for the Kansas Green Party.
  3. Establishes and oversees committees of the Kansas Green Party.
  4. Hires the staff of the Kansas Green Party.
  5. Oversees administration of the Kansas Green Party.
  6. Elects replacement officers in accordance with Article VI, Sec. 4.
  7. Calls the annual state meeting.
  8. Facilitates the electoral efforts of the Kansas Green Party.
  9. Adopts an annual budget and oversees fundraising.

Teresa Wilke

Co-Chair, Kansas Green Party

Terri (Teresa) Wilke remembers the importance of the first Earth Day and has been increasingly involved with the environmental movement ever since. She was the first woman hired by the State of Kansas in a Farmer II Civil Service Classification, and she worked for the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University for 10 years. She graduated from KSU with an interdisciplinary degree based on a Woman’s Studies and then, graduate from the KU School of Law. She then worked 30 years as a Civil Rights Investigator with the US Government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Since her retirement in 2018, she has been active at KKFI, 90.1 FM, Kansas City Community Radio. She is a volunteer programmer with EcoRadio KC and with Jaws of Justice, both locally-produced community affairs shows.

Nick Blessing

Secretary, Kansas Green Party

Nick joined the Kansas Green Party in December 2016. He served as Co-Chair for the party from March 2017 until May 2020 when he stepped down to serve as Secretary. He has been the primary manager of the party’s social media accounts since November 2017 and was particularly successful in building up the party’s Twitter account since taking it over. Nick studied political science at Emporia State Unversity and political campaign management at Fort Hays State University. He is a student at the University of Kansas School of Law and currently works as a law clerk at a firm in Overland Park.

Paul Krumm

Treasurer, Kansas Green Party

Paul has been involved in the Kansas Green Party since 1993. Lot of water under the bridge since then. For a number of years, he continued as a National Delegate, as a party of one to keep the party alive. He took over as treasurer when the last treasurer had family issues that needed her attention eight or ten years ago, and continued in that position. It has been good to see others become active in the last five years and the party again become viable.

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