It ain’t easy being Green

The Kansas Green Party is in a major building/rebuilding phase. This is a difficult process and we are very much in need of people to step up into leadership roles. We are growing and we have good people in leadership, but we are in need of new blood with new ideas. We need folks who are willing to take charge while also having the grace and humility to listen to legitimate concerns and opposing opinions.

It is common practice for folks to get involved and find that there is actual work to do. Subsequently, they drop out. It’s understandable, of course, because people have their own personal lives and other interests. Personally, I originally got involved because I was pissed off at the Democratic Party and I wanted to be able to register as a Green. Turns out, you can’t do that in Kansas because the Green Party is not recognized by the state. It’s been three and a half fucking years and I’m still here and I still can’t register as a Green.

You have to know as you come into this party, that this is not easy. Do not expect it to be.

Nick Blessing

Secretary, Kansas Green Party

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