Kent Rowe Elected Co-Chair

From September 27 to October 5th, the 65 current members of the Kansas Green Party were given the opportunity to vote in favor of Kent Rowe being elected as Co-Chair of the Kansas Green Party. At a Kansas Green Party Council Meeting on September 27, Teresa Wilke (Co-Chair), Paul Krumm (Treasurer), Nick Blessing (Secretary), and Kent Rowe (Interim Co-Chair) all voted in favor of officially electing Rowe to the position. An email was sent out to all other members on September 28 to inform them that they could vote to express their support for Rowe’s election. Three additional Kansas Green Party members voted for Rowe via email.

Prior to this voting period, the Kansas Green Party Council was accepting nominations for the Co-Chair positions from Kansas Green Party members during the month of August.

Only two individuals were nominated, but Rowe was the only one who accepted.

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