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I joined up with the Green Party during the 2016 election after an incredibly inspiring speech from Dr. Jill Stein at the Lawrence Public Library. While working with the Stein campaign, I saw a passion for creating positive change throughout the party. Their goals align with my goals, and the needs of the people.

My interest in politics dates to my teenage years. Back then, I was just a kid listening to Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down too much. The message was clear though. The working class is in peril, our planet is being destroyed, and education is seen as expendable. These same issues remain, especially in Kansas, where we’re funding prison expansions while we contemplate closing schools.

The Brownback tax experiment has proven to be a failure and we need a new direction. This change needs to come from beyond the realm of corporate sponsored bi-partisan legislation. The main issue in my eyes, that needs to be addressed in Kansas, is the school budget crisis. Continued slashes to Kansas schools came to a boiling point over the past year and it was only a few good judges that saved Kansas from closing 300+ schools. Education can not be a continuous problem in Kansas, as we know our children are the future. In the coming years, we’ll need to provide economic stability for our public schools.

The Kansas Green Party has been working on ideas to generate revenue to assure this happens. Just one of these ideas would involve outfitting schools (and other public buildings) with renewable energy such as solar panels or wind turbines (where applicable). The legalization of cannabis in Colorado has been generating over $10 million a month in tax revenue there and should be taken into serious consideration for Kansas. Change is important, and so is avoiding an added burden on our working class. As someone who has worked jobs ranging from minimum wage retail jobs to my current production job, I understand this well.

In the coming 2017, Greens will continue to build a platform that benefits all Kansans, not just an elite few. We will need your help though. We will need more leaders running for office. We’ll need feet on the ground helping our petition drive to become an officially recognized political party in Kansas. Most of all, we’ll need your input. Our meetings are open to everyone, and we’re always accepting new ideas and members. As I prepare to run for a Kansas House seat, I also look forward to meeting and working with the many forward thinking individuals who are passionately trying to make Kansas a better place.

In summary, I’m going to run for office because I want to do my part to make the world a better place. For me, this starts right here at home. With a little help, we can work together to make the heart of America a leader in intelligent progressive thought – and action.

Author; Allen Roach

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