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Green Party Meeting Minutes: Jan. 7th, 2017


1. Discuss possible statewide in-person meeting in Kansas City on Sat. Jan 21st.

2. Updates on website/social media efforts; suggestion solicitation

3. Anti-Trump  Inauguration Protests, specifically in KC on Friday 1/20

4. Ally Building/Outreach & Development {“Take-the-Day-Off” strike on Inauguration Day}

5. Stein campaign representative call-in


Meeting recording link (also linked at bottom):


1. Statewide meeting

Statewide meeting is set for Sat. Jan 21st. It will be at the Blind Tiger Restuarant in Topeka. Topeka seemed to be more central to most people than the other options (such as KC, which is very central). We have what is called ‘The Nest’ reserved from 2-6pm that day. This will give plenty of time for the meeting/business and then we’d like to invite people to hang around and just have some general time together. Even if you can’t make the meeting, you’re still welcome to join for the ‘hang-out’ from 4-6. There are no rules that say people have to come home at 6 either.

2. Website, social media, ‘Interwebs’ in general

The website is up. It is kansasgreenparty.org. We are looking for input and will be doing updates and trying to implement suggestions into future design & layout. We also have a twitter now: it is @ksgreenparty.

There are still the 2 primarty Facebook groups and then the 1 ‘discussion’ page. There is also the ksgreenparty@gmail.com. We will be updating emails to reflect the website’s ‘@kansasgreenparty.org’ but 1 step at a time.

The big challenge currently in the KsGP Interwebs life is the issue of NationBuilder. We are still waiting to hear from the Stein campaign about the NationBuilder status; but there is also a chance that we may be able to house all our database stuff on a WordPress plug-in called “Give” and would not have to use NationBuilder (NB & the website are separate entities {as are the stein campaign & green party national JIC}). Isabella is doing research on the plug-ins and the specs, caps/limits & compatibilities of our host/wordpress/Give {Give is the specific plug-in that we’re researching} and anyone who has knowledge about website design, WordPress or Give experience, etc — please reach out to her {Isabella} or the party in general and we can make sure Isabella gets your contact. While she has done awesome work so far and will surely figure this out with enough time, it would be nice if those who know how, would help her out.

It is crucial to get this solved as this is our method for knowing who our supporters are, compiling our contact lists, taking in donations and other basic & vital functions for a professional political party. Please reach out to us if you think you can help.

Another part of the Website development is content creation. While there is content there now, this will change and grow. As the Legislature opens we will be providing updates about ongoing bills, provide information about bills that we support or want to see defeated. We would like it if people that have specific issues that they follow would help keep this information updated. From ballot access bills to school funding and clean energy proposals, it will be important to keep track of what is happening, to let legislators know how we feel, that we are watching and make our positions on the issues known to the public as well.

We would also like to create our own video content, so if you have the video equipment to make good quality recordings, have the tech skills to help edit that, etc.. please contact us and let us know what you’d be interested in doing.

Another part of this content development will include getting writers to help do blogs and such. So as to make sure that its not Spencer writing everything (please help, signed spencer), we need writers to help with the blogs. As we move forward with policy writing (as opposed to position writings), we’ll also need help with research; so if you want to help research issues going on in Kansas, again; let us know please. Current schedule for blog writing is:

spencer, legislature opening > 1/9
Allen, why be a green candidate > 1/11
Nick, why go green? > 1/14
spencer, MLK > 1/16
Teresa, Green Candidates Needed, 1/18

If you’d like to write for the site, please contact us. We don’t know that you want to write and be involved if you don’t tell us.

So Interwebs Needs: tech help, writers, wichita updates/info, outreach to universities. If you can help, please do so.

3. Anti-Trump Inauguration Day protest(s)

This will be Friday Jan. 20th. The primary one that we are organizing to attend is the KC rally. We have agreed to join the KCMO Greens for the protests and will be making a Green contingent. They have offered up the idea of co-flyers that would include both groups information. While kck & kcmo are in different states, broadly speaking, it might be good for the dual kc’s to work together and make sure use each other as resources and provide assistance to each other.

The link for the facebook event page for the protest is:


It is understood that not everyone can make it to KC that day; so, if you can join something going on closer to you, go for it. If you are joining something else where, let us know and we will happily spread the word about it (anything going on in Wichita?). It is very important for us to make sure that the incoming administration knows that the people won’t just lay over for their inevitable corruptions, conflicts and incompetencies.

There is also a national call for a strike that day that’s being supported and/or endorsed by various groups. The Green Party understands that not everyone can afford to take the day off work, but if you are able to at a bare minimum start your weekend a day early, we certainly support such an action. {This writer will be taking the day off and going to KC that day}

Instead of taking a ‘sick day’, take a ‘healthy day’ and just enjoy your day. Life has to be about more than ‘9-5’.

4.Ally Building & Outreach

There are multiple groups and avenues of outreach to pursue. While this is a little down the list, it might be just as important as the rest combined. We need to let people know that we exist, where we stand on issues and why they should take us seriously. Some are currently working on other efforts and there are overlaps. Multiple Greens will be at the Kansas People’s Agenda rally at the capital on Wed, Jan 11th. We have members who are in Bleeding Kansas, NOW, Topekans For Racial Justice, Young Democratic Socialists (and others) — and it will take reaching out to these groups and at these events to grow and spread the word about us.

We need to make some flyers to share at the various Dr. King events that will be going on around the state on Monday Jan. 16th; so, it would be good to start compiling a list of MLK Day activities to share. We should also make efforts to have people attend and share our contact info at the events that will be going on.

5. Call-in from Campaign >>> no call so still unclear.

What we need to do is figure out how much Nationbuilder cost. When we looked at the NB package cost page it seems as though a minimum package would cost around 1400 a year and if we get more than 5000 people on a list it will cost more (plus email sending out caps). Currently it seems that our wordpress ‘Dream Package’ might cost a total of roughly 250-500 {estimating high end}; so if we can get something for nearly a 1000 less that does that same as NB (and maybe more), then we’d like to propose buying our WordPress “Dream Package” and put the remainder amount into our state coffers. If this could be a model that other states that use wordpress for their sites could use, we might be able to help a couple of other states out with this as well (which would be pretty awesome). Again as mentioned above in the section on the Interwebs, if you have tech skills that could help play with wordpress, please let us know. We would greatly appreciate it.

*** Broadly, there’s probably more and I (spencer), am sure that I’m missing stuff, but this seems like a decently comprehensive summary of today’s minutes. sorry for grammar mistakes. Feel free to add comments in the below ‘comments’ section. thank you. ***

Recorded meeting link: