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Welcome to the Kansas Green Party

At best, America is a land of idealists engaged in the perpetual struggle to battle the ills of injustice. The Green Party are those who believe in treating the cause and not the symptoms.

The elected leaders of Kansas have failed the people. For far too long they have refused to learn, to listen, or to lead. They have legislated the same issues, for decades in some cases, and in even fewer cases have any of them come forward with an actual new idea.  The People of Kansas deserve better. They deserve a party that will listen to them and bring forth new plans and new ideas to match the new world that we live in. They deserve representation that will not fall for fallacy and pass it on as fact. They deserve representatives who have ideas but understand what the word “compromise” means. They need a new entity that will work for their true interests and not sell them out for the ‘right price.’